Natz is the host of many outdoor activities, such as:

  • 15 Nordic walking trails,
  • An excellent network of cycling trails,
  • Natural and well-marked walking and hiking trails for all levels,
  • Apple Blossoming Week festival in May.

You can take the following tours:

The Apple walking trail of Natz

You can enjoy the themed trail (2.5 hours) above the high plateau starting from the Mineralienhotel and going through the Natz village, Viums and Raas. Enjoy the countryside by taking a walk along the biotopes on well-marked hiking trails.


Canyon walks - Schloss Rodenegg

A 3-hour tour from the hotel through the Rienzschlucht, and until the Rodeneck Castle - which holds the oldest frescoes of the German-speaking area.


The Neustift Monastery (starting point is 1 hour walk from the hotel)

Guided tours through the monastery, the valuable library and the Rococo styled church will give you an insight into South Tyrol's history and monastic life with literature, herbal gardens and wine-growing.


Fane Alm (20 min. drive away from the hotel)

A wonderful excursion destination for families and hikers, which highest point reaches 1,739 meters in altitude. Keeping a moderate speed, you will reach an alpine mountain village in 1 hour 20 minutes.


Altfasstal by the Meransen (25 min. drive away)

A beautiful walk in a natural valley, both in winter and summer. The highest point of the tour is at 1,721 meters and can be extended until the Wildseen.


Plose (30 min. drive away)

A 4 to 5 hours tour with a breathtaking panorama view of the Dolomites and cottages with traditional South Tyrolean meals.


Messner Mountain Museum, on Kronplatz (30 min. drive away)

The unique museum architecture of Zaha Hadid offers a fantastic 360 view beyond the borders of South Tyrol. The mueseum is dedicated to the most complex discipline of mountaineering: traditional alpinism, and how Reinhold Messner shaped it throughout his adventures.

The Villnösser high plateau (40 min. drive away)

Enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Dolomites, flowering pastures, traditional cottages and the nature reserve Puez-Geisler in one of the most beautiful valleys of South Tyrol.


Rodenecker high plateau tour (40 min. drive away)

A cozy hike from cottage to cottage for the entire family. Enjoy the romantic paths through forests, alpine pastures and farms in stages of 45 minutes, 2 hours or 3 hours until Astjoch.


The Antholz lake with Biathlon track (40 min. drive away)

Natural lake with a educational themed-track (approx. 1.5 hours walk) along with the world reknown Biathlon centre of Antholz.


Pragser lake (45 min. drive away)

Romantic lake with wonderful natural colours in the middle of the Dolomites. A cosy 1.5 hours circular path which can be extended with a walking track reaching the Pletzwiese high plateau. Alternatively, a shuttle bus will take you up to the high plateau.


Rainer Waterfalls (45 min. drive away)

Enjoy a 40 min. walk themed with local christian symbols and passing by impressive waterfalls. The well- built walking trail leads you to a high viewpoint, and can be extended to a full day immersion into nature.


Messner Mountain Museum, Sigmundskron castle (50 min. drive away)

The heart of the Messner Mountain Museum focuses on the human-mountain relationship. The museum itself is designed as a mountain tour, with a philosophical perspective.


Ötzi-Museum (50 min. drive away)

A 50-minute guided tour will take you to the Ötzi ice man and its artefacts. This worldwide unique discovery has been exhibited since 1998 in the South Tyrolean Museum of Archeology in Bolzano.


We will be happy to advise you of the many activities in the surrounding area. You can check out nearby summer activities here, and winter outdoor activities on this link and have an idea of how your holiday in South Tyrol could look like.


Dive into a sea of colors and fragrances on the sunny high plateau of Natz. Our exclusive offer invites you to experience the beauty of the blooming season in South Tyrol.

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