Massages at the hotel

Massages at the hotel


Massages at Mineralienhotel

Massages are the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body in order to promote health, well being, healing and relaxating effects. The art of massage is a centuries-old healing technique, which is used to help the body heal itself and increase well-being. After a massage, the body feels much more relaxed and revitalised. It also helps to clear the mind and improve concentration.


Upon request, Mineralienhotel offers the following massages:

  • classic massages,
  • manual lymphatic drainages,
  • foot reflexology massages,
  • Ayurveda back massages.


Classic massage

for muscle relaxation

Full body (55 minutes) €48
Partial massage (25 minutes) €28


Manual lymphatic drainage

for muscle tissue relaxation, physical and mental well being

Full body (70 minutes) €58
Full body (55 minutes) €48


Foot reflexology massage

for the mind, body and soul

Partial massage (25 minutes) €28


Ayurveda back massage

natural medical science originating from India

Partial massage (55 minutes) €48


Reservations can be taken at the hotel's reception. On short notice, massages can also be customised individually with our masseuse.

If you would like to enjoy a relaxing and revitalising holiday, discover more about our wellness and spa area by clicking on this link, as well as our mineral-powered rooms here.