In our lounge, you will find the highlight of our mineral collection: a 2004 kg heavy rock crystal from the "Uburanas Mine", in Bahia, Brazil. To date, it is the largest rock crystal exhibited in the Alps.

The rock crystal is unpolished and raw - just like the other 1499 minerals from our private collection.


The minerals are an essential part of our history and a central piece of our hotel’s philosophy.

Minerals have a long tradition of being used for healing and aesthetics. Each variety of minerals has a unique internal structure, which makes them unique in appearance and effect. To achieve so, we have designed our rooms following three mineral themes.

You can read about the health and re-energising benefits of our mineral-themed rooms by clicking on this link. We have also applied the diversity of minerals in a coherent way in our swimming and sauna area. As minerals help restore stability and balance to the body and mind, our vision is to guarantee beyond the physical well-being of our guests.


Dive into a sea of colors and fragrances on the sunny high plateau of Natz. Our exclusive offer invites you to experience the beauty of the blooming season in South Tyrol.

Starting 195.00